What is the best way to make your home look great and spend very little money?

There is a way to change your landscaping for the better and not spend every weekend out there tending your garden.

The landscaping tips listed below will help you turn your home into the prettiest place on the block.

You can charge more for the house when you sell it, or you can just make your neighbors jealous 🙂

That being said, let’s get started with the top 8 landscaping tips the pros don’t want you to know!

So, Here’s the Best, Most Efficient Landscaping Tips That Professionals Are Hiding From You

While you might want your neighbors to be jealous, it is better to share all these tips with them. You can use these tips to raise the value of every house in the neighborhood, and your neighbor’s home will help raise the value of your home. If you are the only nice house in the community, no one will be impressed. If the whole neighborhood looks nice, every potential buyer will want to move in.

Before we begin, if you’re concerned or flustered about your landscape and need some advice, feel free to reach out to a landscaping professional today.

Put in a Boulder

Placing a boulder as a landscaping tip

Yes, you can add a large rock to your lawn. Some people who have a boring lawn do not know what to do, and adding a rock is easy.

You can add some features around the rock, and no, you do not need to water the boulder.

Other than moving a boulder, this is one of the easier landscaping tips on the list.

Utilize Tarps

Tarp with material underneath.

Tarps are inexpensive, and they make it easy for you to move everything around the lawn as you work. You can lay your tools, supplies, and stones or pavers on the tarp.

Because tarps are so cheap, you can easily replace them if they are damaged. You can hose down the tarps when you are done working on the lawn, and you can fold them up for easy storage.

Buy The Right Tools

Landscaping tips and tools.

You need to buy the tools that will help you transform your lawn.

However, you should invest in tools that will last for the life of the home. You cannot afford to constantly replace your tools, and that is why you should find quality tools.

You should find a toolbox, cabinet, or shelf to store your tools. Plus, you should clean your tools after each visit to your garden

Have a Plan

In depth landscaping plan.

Create a plan for your lawn that you can execute.

Some people do not have any idea what they want to do, and they start working on the lawn without a plan. You should draw a layout for the lawn, decide where everything will go, and determine how feasible your plan is.

You should use the simplest design elements first, and you can add more complex design elements as you get better at gardening/landscaping.

Water Features

Water pit as a water feature landscape tip.

Water features are very trendy, and you can hook many of them up to your existing garden hose. You can start with a basic water feature or birdbath, and you can add more complex water features when you learn how to handle the plumbing involved.

Water features could recycle their water using a small pump, and you can use the water features as a focal point for part of the lawn. Plus, you do not need to water these stone or slate structures.

You can put the water feature under a tree, under your deck, or behind the house so you can hear the rushing water when you open the window.

Keep Your Yard Low Effort, Low Maintenance

Relaxing by the garden.

You should make your lawn as simple as possible if you’re not interested in having a whole lot of maintenance work moving ahead.

If you have time to care for the lawn, you are more likely to tend to it every week. Plus, a simple lawn does not feel daunting or overwhelming.

When you create a low maintenance yard, you can spend a small amount of time out there once a week. Also, you can maintain a low maintenance lawn that is beautiful.

Your neighbors do not need to know how much time you spend in the yard. This is one of the best landscaping tips you can utilize for the rest of your landscaping days!

If you decide you want to do more interesting things, you can expand your lawn accordingly. However, you must decide if you have time to manage the lawn as it gets more complicated.

Always Start Small

Trimming a hedge with landscaping tool.

Start as small as you can. Plant a little shrub by the mailbox. Mow your grass in a standard striped pattern. Trim the bushes in front of the house. Plant some flowers in a pot by the front door.

You need to feel like it is worth your time to manage the lawn, and you should keep the lawn small if you have no time to tend it.

Also, a simple lawn will be much cheaper when you buy all your supplies.

Slope Your Landscape Away from Your House

Sloped landscaping tip.

If your lawn has a slope or pushes water towards the house, you need to make changes to prevent flooding. You can dig a French trench to fill with stones, and the wall will pass by the house.

You can add some stone walls that will prevent water from entering the house, or you could add “steppes” to the lawn that will prevent water from rushing towards the house.

You Can Take These Tips to The Bank!

Trees turning into money.

Most professionals in the landscaping industry may not want you to know these tips. We understand this stuff isn’t rocket science, but for some, it can still take time that they may not have (work, family, kids, life).

We are here to help you save money and give you time back, and we can help with any of the issues that are listed above. If you have questions about how to manage your lawn, you can contact a landscape and garden maintenance team today. We’re looking forward to getting your lawn back in pristine condition.