Premium Lawn Care Services in Phoenix, AZ

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Weekly & Bi-weekly Full Service Lawn Care Plan in Phoenix

We make it easy peezy here at Tres Amigos. Simply give us a call, we will ask for an estimate of your lawn’s square footage, and we will provide you with the best suited lawn care plan for you in 2 minutes.

What’s included in your lawn care plan:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed wacking
  • Brush trimming
  • Leaf blowing
  • Nutrition spray
  • Haul-off

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phoenix lawn care services

an image of an immaculate lawn as an example of the great service Res Amigos Landscapes provides for lawn mowing and maintenance services in Phoenix AZ

Premier Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Services in Phoenix

If you are searching for reliable and high-quality lawn care services in Phoenix, look no further than Tres Amigos Landscapes. As a leading Phoenix lawn service provider, we specialize in transforming and maintaining beautiful lawns with our comprehensive range of services. From regular lawn mowing service to meticulous lawn maintenance in Phoenix, our skilled team is dedicated to nurturing your yard.

Whether you need routine grass-cutting service or more detailed landscaping, our expert mowing services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust us, your local lawn care company, to keep your lawn healthy, lush, and inviting all year round. Let Tres Amigos Landscapes show you why we are the go-to choice for homeowners who demand the best for their landscapes.

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Recent Reviews


Lauren B.

5 out of 5 star testimonial

Finally, a landscape company in Arizona that delivers on their promises! Couldn’t be happier with the consistent quality service this company delivers. Thank you Tres Amigos!


Alex E.

5 out of 5 star testimonial

Definitely recommend Tres Amigos to anyone who needs their landscape tamed or maintained. The team is friendly, personable, and professional.


Joyce D.

5 out of 5 star testimonial

Absolutely LOVE this company. No stress, no worries. Just great people to work with and they maintain our yard at a high quality just the way it was promised. Thank you team!